How to Order (PCB & Kits)
1) Please look through our stock list and search for the tem(s) you wish to purchase.

When you find the item(s), go to the "Contact Us" page and fill in the necessary information, company name (your name), e-mail address, address, phone number, fax number, cell phone number, game title(s), quantity(ies). Then send it to us by e-mail.
Or send a fax with the same information.

3) We will get in touch with you immediately with the price(s) of the item(s). (Price does not include shipping charge)
After confirming the price(s), please inform us the title(s) of the game(s) you wish to purchase and shipping option you preffer.

If you wish Freight Collect,
* In case of Air Freight, inform us your contact company name and telephone number in Japan
* In case of Courier Service, inform us your contact company name, registered name and international account number.

We will send you proforma invoice. Please go through it carefully, and then send your order confirmation and T/T remittance date by e-mail or fax.
(Our bank account can be confirmed in Bank Information)


After your T/T remittance, please send us bankfs T/T confirmation copy by e-mail or fax.

6) We will ship the ordered item(s) as soon as we receive remittance from you.
7) After the shipment, we will send you the tracking number with relevant document copies (A.W.B., invoice, packing list, etc.) by e-mail or fax.

Important Notice
1) Please do send your order confirmation against our quotation(pforforma invoice). If you do not confirm the order , we can not guarantee the availability of the item(s) until T/T remittance is received.

If you can not find the item(s) you want on the stock list of our Home Page, please inquire with us separately by e-mail or fax. (As we update the stock list approximately once a week, there is a possibility that the items that were not present when you last checked are now available. So we recommend that you surely check with us by e-mail or fax)

3) When you purchase the item(s) which needs system board(s) or accessory(ies), please make sure that they are compatible with your product composition.
4) If you need any special arrangement on shipping documents (airway bill, invoice, packing list, etc), please inform us beforehand in writing.
5) Applicable import duties and other taxes should be covered by buyer. (Consult with your countryfs customs if necessary)

Minimum Order Policy

As minimum order, total purchasing amount (commodity only) must be more than USD 1,000. However, we accept orders less than USD 1,000 if you pay additional USD 25 as handling charge of the bank.


We basically accept an advance payment by T/T transfer only. (your order will be shipped after we confirm the payment)
If you wish to opt for any other payment method, please contact us.
When making a remittance, please check charges with your bank and ensure that we receive the entire amount in our bank account. (Our bank account can be confirmed in Bank Information)

Bank Information

Name of Bank MIZUHO BANK, LTD,
Account No. 1745242
Address of Bank 27-2, 1-Chome Nishigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0013 Japan
Tel No. of Bank 03-3492-4542
Swift Code of Bank MHBK JPJT

Account No. 2593175
Address of Bank 14-10, 1-Chome Higashigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 141-0022 Japan
Tel No. of Bank 03-3491-7114
Swift Code of Bank SMBC JPJT


Exact shipping charge can be calculated only after ordering details are fixed because it depends on the total volume or gross weight of the cargo packages. But if you need to know the estimated charge, please contact us.

Choose your shipping option from the following :


(Speed Post)
EMS >>Tracking available
(except some countries/regions)
(Air Parcel Post)
Tracking unavailable

*Courier Service

DHL DHL >>Tracking available
FEDEX FEDEX >>Tracking available
UPS UPS >>Tracking available
TNT TNT >>Tracking available

*Air Freight

* For other shipping method, please contact us.
* Some services may not be available for certain destinations.

Warranty Policy

* When the goods are delivered, please check their functionality immediately.

We always inspect the products before shipment. However, in the unlikely event of any operational/functional problem during the testing period stated below, we will repair/exchange the parts or product free of charge.
(In such a case, please return the product as soon as possible, because our process will start after we receive the product. The shipping cost in this case shall be borne by the customer).
The testing period starts from the date of delivery. (Except when there is an exemption clause in the contract and/or the problem is due to incorrect usage on the part of the customer)

Used Boards 5 days
New Boards 30 days or manufacturerfs warranty period

In case there is operational/functional problem after the delivery, contact us during the above period. After the testing period, We will fully help the customer with technical support to solve the problem.

The serial number seals are attached on PCBs and related goods we sell. In order to receive the warranty services, the serial number seal is required. Please do not remove this seal, as the serial number seal shall not be reissued.