*All P.C.Boards are Original and Japan version if not mentioned specially
Sales or Maker JALECO Genre Hn Yr Mn Note
Jaleco Argus Shooting S 86 V
Jaleco Earth Defense Force Shooting J 91 H E.D.F.
Jaleco Iga Ninjyutsuden Fighting Action J 88 H
Jaleco/Cave Uopoko Puzzle J 98 H
Jaleco/Nintendo vs Ninja Jajamaru-kun Action S 86 H Nintendo vs board
Jaleco Sky Fox Shooting J 87 V Exerizer
Jaleco Exerion Shooting S 83 V
Jaleco Kick Off Soccer J 88 H
Jaleco Ginga Ninkyouden Comical Action J 87 H
Jaleco Psychic 5 Action J 87 V
Jaleco Cybattler Shooting J 93 V
Jaleco The Astyanax Fighting Action J 89 H The Lord of King
Jaleco/NMK City Connection Dot Eat Car Action S 85 H
Jaleco Saint Dragon Shooting J 89 H
Jaleco Soldam Puzzle J 92 H
Jaleco Shingen Samurai-Fighter Fighting Action J 88 H Takeda Shingen
Jaleco Check Man Dot Eat Action S 83 V
Jaleco/BPS Tetris Plus 2 (single board) Puzzle J 97 H
Jaleco/Olympia D-Day Shooting S 82 H
Jaleco/Falcon Top Roller Rooller Skating S 83 V
Jaleco/NMK Naughty Boy Action S 82 V
Jaleco Hachoo! Fighting Action J 89 H
Jaleco/NMK Valtric Shooting J 86 V
Jaleco/NMK P-47 Shooting J 88 H
Jaleco Pinbo Pinball S 84 V
Jaleco Big Striker Soccer J 92 H
Jaleco Avenging Spirit Fighting Action J 91 H Phantasm
Jaleco Formation Z Shooting S 84 H Aeroboto
Jaleco Plus Alpha Comical Shooting J 89 V
Jaleco/NMK Butasan Bomb Action J 87 H
Jaleco/NMK Legend of Makai Fighting Action J 88 H Makai Densetsu
Jaleco Momoko 120% Comical Action J 86 H
Jaleco Rod Land Action J 90 H
Sales or Maker JALECO MEGA System 32 Genre Hn Yr Mn Note
Jaleco MEGA System32 Mother Board Mother Board J - -
Jaleco Gratia Shooting J 96 H
Jaleco Game Paradise Comical Shooting J 95 V
Jaleco/BPS Tetris Plus Puzzle J 95 H
Jaleco/BPS Tetris Plus 2 Puzzle J 97 H
Jaleco/NMK P-47 Aces Shooting J 95 H
Jaleco Best Bout Boxing Boxing J 93 H
Jaleco Desert War Shooting J 95 V