*All P.C.Boards are Original and Japan version if not mentioned specially
Sales or Maker TECMO Genre Hn Yr Mn Note
Tecmo Rygar Fighting Action S 86 H
Tecmo V Goal Soccer Soccer J 94 H
Tecmo Eight Forces Shooting J 94 V
Tecmo Guzzler Action S 83 V
Tecmo/NMK Gun Dealer Puzzle J 90 V
Tecmo/NMK Gun Nail Shooting J 93 V
Tecmo Ganbare Ginkun Variety J 95 H
Tecmo Gallop Racer Horse Racing J 96 H
Tecmo/NMK Saboten Bombers Comical Action J 92 H
Tecmo/NMK Thunder Dragon Shooting J 91 V
Tecmo/Face Sand Scorpion Shooting J 92 V
Tecmo Silk Worm Shooting J 88 H
Tecmo/Allumer Zing Zing Zip Shooting J 92 V
Tecmo/Midway Super High Impact American football J 91 H
Tecmo Super Pinball Action Pinball J 91 V
Tecmo Swimmer Action S 82 H
Tecmo Star Force Shooting S 84 V
Tecmo/Athena Strike Gunner(S.T.G.) Shooting J 91 V
Tecmo Senjyo Shooting S 83 V
Tecmo Solomon's Key Puzzle Action J 86 H
Tecmo Tank Busters Shooting S 85 V
Tecmo Dynamite Duke Fighting Action J 89 H
Tecmo Tecmo World Cup 90 Soccer J 89 H
Tecmo Tecmo World Cup 94 Soccer J 94 H
Tecmo Deron DeroDero Puzzle J 96 H
Tecmo Angel Eyes VS Fighting J 96 H
Tecmo Ninja Gaiden Fighting Action J 89 H
Tecmo/NMK Hacha Mecha Fighter Comical Shooting J 91 H
Tecmo Pinball Action Pinball S 85 V
Tecmo Final Star Force Shooting J 92 V
Tecmo/TAD West Story Shooting Action J 91 H Blood Bros.
Tecmo Bomb Jack Dot Eat Action S 84 V
Tecmo/NMK Bomb Jack Twin Dot Eat Action J 92 V
Tecmo Strato Fighter Shooting J 91 H
Tecmo/Seibu Dead Angle  Shooting J 88 H
Tecmo/Strata Rim Rockin' Basketball Basketball J 91 H
Tecmo Legionnaire Fighting Action J 92 H
Tecmo Red Clash Shooting S 81 V
Tecmo Wild Fang Fighting Action J 89 H
Sales or Maker TECMO TPS-System Genre Hn Yr Mn Note
Tecmo TPS Mother Board Mother Board J - -
Tecmo 1 on 1 Government 1 on 1 Basketball J 99 H
Tecmo Gallop Racer 2 Horse Racing J 97 H
Tecmo Gallop Racer 3 Horse Racing J 99 H
Tecmo Cool Boarders Snowboard J 98 H
Tecmo The Block Kuzushi Break Block J 00 H
Tecmo Shanghai Mateki Buyu Mahjong Tile Puzzle J 98 H
Tecmo Tecmo World Cup Millenium Soccer J 00 H
Tecmo Dead or Alive ++ 3D VS Fighting J 98 H
Tecmo Tondemo Crisis Variety J 99 H
Tecmo Flame Gunner Shooting Action J 98 H